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In our online store, you can find a range of offers in our sale for gel nail polish, UV gels and other products for nail art and nail sculpting for professional solutions at affordable prices.
All our products are designed for professional requirements. They are created with high-quality pigments, and are always reliable and long-lasting. This means you can perform treatments worry free!

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Coloured gels and gel polish on sale

Coloured nail gels by Passione Beauty are a great choice as a base for endless nail art designs.

In our gel polish and decoration sale, you can get complete kits to create looks that are bang on trend, with colours to match the seasons. Choose easy-to-apply glitter colours for a long-lasting touch of sparkle. If you like classic but on-trend colours, you can find high-quality gel nail polish on sale in the Passione Beauty catalogue.
With different-sized glitter flakes, the gels are easy to apply thanks to a special self-levelling formula that doesn’t clump. The matt black bottle protects the product from UV rays, which could alter its quality, even several days after the first use.

In the Passione Beauty catalogue, you can also find deals on exclusive gel polishes, like the Thermo gel polishes. These solutions are specially designed to give you an original look. The Thermo formula changes colour according to the temperature. At lower temperatures, the nails are bright red, which turns to a bright fuchsia colour as the temperature rises.
These polishes are also very easy to apply. Use Passione Beauty’s manicure tools to apply the coats even more quickly.

Have a look through our catalogue and discover all gel polish sale lines for coloured gels and gel nail polish by Passione Beauty. More savings, same quality.