Gel Nail Polishes: Colours, Bases and Top Coats

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Gel Polish is an innovative product that has represented a revolution in the world of nail extensions over the past few years. It is one of the best options for hands that look good for weeks. The gel nail polish was invented to meet the needs of many women who, for various reasons (economic, method of application, long application time), did not undergo UV gel treatment, but still wanted always perfect and dazzling hands.

Gel Polish is a valuable alternative to ordinary nail polish, which can be easily damaged and lasts only a few days. It is a photo-curing product that cures under UV/LED or UV lamp with a simple and quick technique: just apply a base, a coloured gel polish and finally a top coat.

Passione Beauty gel polishes are distinguished by their high quality, coverage and pigmentation. They last perfectly for 4 weeks and, thanks to their special formula, respect the natural nail.

Thanks to their rounded tip brush, you will obtain an extremely precise, quick and smudge-free application. Its formula, with a fluid and light consistency, guarantees a perfect finish from the first application.

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