Gel nail polishes: Colours, bases and topcoats

A line of gel nail polishes from the complete range of colours, bases, finishes and accessories for applying and removing long-lasting gel nail polish.

High-pigment formulation ideal for both manicures and pedicures. Long-lasting and easy to remove.

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The best gel nail polishes

Our range of long-lasting gel nail polish also offers you solutions for styling and taking care of your nails.

Passione Beauty is always looking for products of professional quality and with this in mind, offers high-quality gel bases to ensure the nail is appropriately reinforced and perfectly covered. The Fibre formula also means a long-lasting gel nail polish application of up to 4 weeks.

To meet all style requirements, we also offer gel nail polishes in a wide range of colours. From classic glitter polish and shiny finishes to more matt finishes, and not forgetting neon colours, it’s easy to find colours for your nails that are bang on trend.

For example, the reflective cat’s eyes colours are perfect for those looking for a long-lasting gel nail polish nail art designs.

To maximise the efficiency of our products, Passione Beauty also offers full gel nail polish kits that include all the tools needed for a professional application, for example, files, binders, buffers, removers and UV/LED lamps.

Another reason why our solutions are so great is that the coats are quick and easy to apply. Our gel nail polishes are made of a special self-levelling formula meaning that they don’t clump when you apply them.

To make it easier for you to choose the colour that suits your mood, Passione Beauty has created a series of collections that help you match different colours and create on-trend combinations.

If you’re looking for better gel nail polishes, check out our online catalogue. We have several offers and a wide range of products.