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Professional Nail Drills and Bits from Passione Beauty are indispensable items for both nail preparation with the Russian Manicure technique, and removal of UV Gel, gel polish, acrygel and acrylic with an extreme simplicity, speed and efficacy. Unlike the file, the nail drill produces less dust and makes it easier to work in a cleaner work space, a fundamental rule for any professional.

We offer two types of nail drills, distinguishable by their handles. One is in metal, the other in plastic. Both are easy to handle and hold while working.

Moreover, we have a wide collection of Nail Drill Bits. Each one of them is adapted to a specific phase: from the nail preparation to its sculpting and/or extension. You can choose among bits made of different materials: tungsten - a very resistant metal -, ceramic - a more delicate material - and stone; and bits with different shapes and levels of abrasion; and finally bits adapted to right-handers, left-handers or both.

Don’t hesitate and go to try our wide range of Nail Drills and Bits adapted to all professional nail technicians!