Latest UV nail gels

Our new UV nail gels are high quality products designed to take care of your nails with the latest cosmetic innovations, in full accordance with the newest fashion trends. Gel polishes, UV gels, glitter, stickers and many accessories to ensure professional results and a trendy, polished look.

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All new UV gel and gel polish products

Among Passione Beauty's new arrivals you can find fashionable gel polish such as the ones from the Klimt series, characterised by the bright shades and contrasting black particles that make them perfect for colourful shell effect nail art.
The unique self-levelling formula allows an easy application of the product, avoiding any dripping and helping to create even layers that are quickly absorbed.
These characteristics allows a lasting application of the product for a record duration of up to 4 weeks.

Among the Passione Beauty new in section you can also find gel polishes enritched with flakes such as the HD collection, or with glitters in the Mamma Mia collection, not forgetting the neon colours, all characterised by the same self-levelling and fast-drying formula.
They come in a black opaque bottle which provides good UV protection and will keep its quality unaltered even several days after first use.

Among our latest additions you can also find a range of equipment and tools such as stamping plates with decorative patterns based on the latest nail art trends. You can also find practical solutions such as height-adjustable footrests that allow you to perform more precise and comfortable work.

If you are looking for the best products for your nail care routine, discover Passione Beauty's new UV gels and gel polishes: browse the catalogue and try our must-have products!