New UV nail gels

Our new UV nail gel products are high-quality products designed to help you take care of your nails. We have the best cosmetic inventions that are always in line with the latest fashion trends. Gel nail polish, UV gels, glitter, stickers and lots of accessories for a professional finish and a trendy look.

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All new UV nail gels and gel polishes

Among Passione Beauty’s new UV nail gel products, you can find on-trend gel polishes like the Klimt colour, with jazzy tones and a contrasting speckle effect, making it perfect for colourful nail art.

The exclusive self-levelling formula makes the product easy to apply, with no clumping, meaning you can add even coats that cure quickly.
Thanks to these features, if the product is applied correctly, it can last as long as 4 weeks, or even more.

In Passione Beauty’s catalogue, you can also find gel polishes with flakes in them, like in the HD range, or with glitter, like the Mamma Mia collection. And that’s without forgetting our neon colours. All of these UV gels have the same self-levelling and fast-curing formula.
The black opaque bottles protect the polish from UV rays, ensuring that the quality of the product is not altered even several months after the first use.

Among our new UV nail gel products, you can also find a series of tools like stamping plates of decorative motifs based on the latest nail art trends. You can also find height-adjustable footrests, allowing you to work more comfortably and be more precise.

If you’re looking for better products for your nail care routine, discover Passione Beauty’s new UV nail gel products including new UV nail gels and gel nail polishes. Take a look at our catalogue and try our unmissable solutions!