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Are you looking for new products to create amazing nail art? You've come to the right place!

In this section you can choose different colours of pigment powders that create brilliant effects on the nails. These are very fine-grained powders that are designed to give your nails a striking glow. Their use is extremely simple. They can be applied to gel polish, UV gel, acrygel and acrylic.

Before using the pigments, it is necessary to apply a layer of a self-sealing product that does not leave an excess layer, whether it is a fast colour gel, a self-sealing gel polish or a top coat. This allows the powders to adhere better to the nail. Collect a small amount of powder and apply it to the surface of the nail with a silicone brush until the entire surface is covered, obtaining a smooth and bright nail. Finish the application using a fan brush, remove the excess powder and seal with a gel finish to fix the powder.

Passione Beauty pigments are powders that can give the manicure iridescent, holographic, mirror effects, mermaid finishes and much more. Discover them all!