Builder Gels: hard gels for nail sculpting

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UV Gel (or hard gel) is a cosmetic product used as an aesthetic treatment for nail extension or as a technique to strengthen natural nails.

With the ability to shape even the shortest nails, UV gel extensions allow you to choose the desired length and thickness. This is the most recommended treatment to guarantee a durability of about one month.

Hard gel is a special resin in a bottle, which hardens when exposed to UV light: hence the name UV gel. Recently, gels have been developed that also harden under LEDs, thanks to their photopolymer which is sensitive to this type of light. Passione Beauty gel cures under UV and UV/LED lamps.

There are different types of UV Gel: builder gels, used for nail extensions and gel colours, used to colour nails or create the perfect nail art.

Passione Beauty UV Gels are of the highest quality and are designed to be durable and impact resistant for more than 30 days.

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