Acrygel: acrylic gels for nail enhancement

Passione Beauty's professional AcrilGel line is based on the innovative hybrid Gel + Acrylic system that combines the strengths of builder gel and acrylic powder in a single product, allowing for a long-lasting and resistant nail estension that does not alter the natural appearance of the nail.

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Acrygel kits, brushes, spatulas and other nail accessories

An exclusive formulation designed to create long-lasting, very strong and always natural-looking nail extensions.
Our acrygel line has many advantages of both builder gels and acrylic powders. This product is thicker than a regular builder gel, which allows for a more precise work and it's easier and more reliable, because after the first application the gel continues to hold its shape. At the same time, very little dust is produced during the filing phase, which makes the choice of this product even more practical for professional nail technicians.

In order to offer you a range of acrygels that can be adapted to different styling needs, Passione Beauty has created different coloured variants based on all complections: powder pink, white, beige and various shades of nude are just some of the options available.

Finally, for the correct and always effective application of our products, we have designed a series of accessories specifically dedicated to acrygel nail extensions. For example, we have practical 2-in-1 spatulas and brush to carry out the application with a single accessory, while also providing a base for easy cleaning of the bristles.

With our Acrygel kits you have an all-in-one solution consisting of several different colours and everything you need for effective application.