AcrilGel Tube Cover Natural 60 ml

Cover Natural-60ml Polygel
Hema Free
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Product description

Acrylic gel 60ml Cover Natural for nails

Polygel for professional use, natural pinkish
AcrilGel is a hybrid system in which UV Gel and Acrylic are combined. It brings together the best features of builder gel and acrylic powder in one product.
For very strong, thin, natural-looking nail sculpting and lengthening
We recommend using it with AcrilGel Solution, Dappen Dish, AcrilGel Brush-Spatula and AcrilGel Brush.
Why buy it:

- AcrilGel Tube Cover Natural-60ml is a mildly covering, natural pinkish polygel
- It is denser than a builder gel: you can work on several nails at a time without the product losing its shape
- It produces very little filing dust
- Little sticky layer after curing
- Result: strong and thin sculpted nails, perfect until refill

For professional use

Technical specifications
60ml tube
How to use the product

1. Prepare the nail
2. Apply Alpha Base or Extrema Base and cure
3. Take a small amount of product with AcrilGel Brush-Spatula and place it on Dual Form or Nail Form
4. Dip the brush in AcrilGel Solution and dump the excess onto a pad
5. Now shape AcrilGel and cure
6. Remove the sticky layer and file until the desired structure is achieved

Curing time

Under In UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds
Under UV lamp for 3 minutes

Made in: Estonia

Passione Nails is a registered trademark




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