Brushes: Nail Art brushes, Gel brushes, Acrylic brushes

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We offer high quality brushes with synthetic or natural hair, 100% sable hair. You can choose the perfect brush, according to the technique you wish to use. Passione Beauty offers you brushes for UV Gel, Acrygel, Nail art and many others.

To sculpt or extend UV Gel nails, synthetic hair brushes are ideal.

To sculpt or extend acrygel nails, we recommend using our Acrilgel Brush 1. Its special synthetic bristles minimise wear due to continuous contact with Acrilgel Solution.

To build or extend acrylic nails, on the other hand, we recommend Kolinsky brushes, with their 100% natural bristles. These professional brushes are ideal as the acrylic product does not stick to the brush, making the work comfortable and fast.
For nail decoration, you can use our Silicone Brush or Applicator Brush, depending on the type of nail art you want to do.

What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy the pleasure of working with our brushes!