Nail prep, nail primer and cuticle oil

Passione Beauty’s range of nail primers and oils offers a wide choice of high-quality products that are key for all the different stages of different kinds of nail treatments.

You can choose from the best nail prep products, nail sculpting liquids and cuticle oils.

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Cuticle oils and nail prep

To make nail sculpting easier, Passione Beauty offers its customers nail primers, nail prep products and professional oils for high-quality results.

When it comes to cuticles, you can find strengthening and anti-ageing cuticle oils in our catalogue. Discover their delicate formula that’s suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Choose from tropical, lemon and coconut scents for oils that hydrate your cuticles.

For perfect nail sculpting, we also offer strong-action nail primers that are perfect for even the most difficult treatments. The special composition of our nail primer means that it air dries quickly allowing  you to move onto the next steps of the treatment in no time.

Our nail prep products are an ideal solution if you are looking for products that are easy to apply and guarantee outstanding results.
These products remove any moisture or oil residue, making it easier to apply all the coats.
Passione Beauty’s nail prep products are a great choice for any nail treatment from acrygel to gel nail polish.

If you’re looking for a nail primer or liquids needed for high-quality nail sculpting, check out our online catalogue. We have a large range of products and great offers.