Liquids and Aftercare

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To achieve good quality and long lasting manicures, and ensure nail’s health and beauty, Passione Beauty offers a wide range of liquid products. There are numerous types of liquids and each of them differs by its formula, function and method of application.

Thanks to our Primers you can prepare the nail before applying gel polish, UV Gel or acrygel.

We do also have solvents that can be used whether to remove gel polish, cleanse the sticky layer left by most of the products after curing, or to clean our brushes.

Among all these products you will find our section dedicated to disinfection and cleaning. Within this category there are liquids and wet wipes to clean and disinfect tools, surfaces and hands without risking that their formula interferes with the efficacy of our products.

Finally, you will find all our cuticle oils in various and delicious fragrances.

Discover our range of liquids!