Cat’s Eyes Gel Polishes for nails

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Cat's Eyes Gel Polishes are full of iridescent shimmer and very pigmented. They offer full coverage since the first application. Thanks to their magnetic composition, you can achieve great changing effects in an extremely simple way. Bring the Double Magnet or the Magnet Stick close to the gel polish: you will notice the tiny micro glitters moving towards or against the magnet, depending on its position on the nail. With this product and technique, you will create an effect that reminds you of the eyes of a cat or a tiger.

The formula of the Cat's Eyes Gel Polish by Passione Beauty has been studied to be super resistant: the colour lasts more than three weeks without fading.

Thanks to the light and fluid consistency and the rounded tip brush of each bottle, you can enjoy a precise and quick application as it has been specially designed to follow the natural edge of the nail.

At Passione Beauty you can find different shades, from neutral to darker, to suit all needs and tastes.

It has never been easier to wear a stylish and glamorous look! What are you waiting for?