Base and Top Coats for Gel Nail Polish

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With our wide range of bases and top coats for gel polish, you can wear incredible nail decorations or simple natural and elegant finishes.

You will find bases and top coats for all your needs, thanks to their high quality and great performance. You can choose bases in different colours and top coats from the most classic to the most innovative.

Choose between Base/Top and HD Base. Base/Top has a fluid and light consistency, and acts both as a base and top coat, speeding up the application. HD Base, on the other hand, has a thick consistency, that makes it ideal for creating nail enhancements and small extensions.

Among the HD bases, you can choose the HD Fiber Base which will strengthen your nails thanks to its innovative formula with glass fibres. HD Fiber bases are the only gel polish bases that allow an immediate application of the UV Gel.

Also try our Blooming Base, a base with which you can easily create a watercolour effect using any Passione Beauty coloured gel polish.

In the Top Coat category, you can rather choose a top coat with high gloss finishes such as Ultra Gloss or Easy Gloss or with a holographic effect such as Optical Ultra Gloss.

Dive into our product range and expose your nails to the most glamorous effects!