Professional nail sculpting products

Passione Beauty has a line dedicated to all products related to nail sculpting. Discover a large selection of high-quality products designed to guarantee professional and long-lasting results.

From preparing the natural nail all the way up to removal, you will find everything you need to fully sculpt your nails. Choose from a wide range of builder gel, acrygels, acrylic powders and bases and finishes.

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The best nail sculpting products

By choosing one of our products, for example builder gel, you’ll be able to achieve a perfect manicure to give your hands that extra je ne sais quoi.

All of our solutions are perfect for achieving design combinations that stand out from the crowd and meet all tastes and requirements. For those who want a nail sculpting kit for short nails, we have products like single-phase gels in various shades and colours that can repair your nails and make them shine.

If you're looking for professional products for sculpting long nails, we have a line of high-resistance builders in different colours for the best results both for looks and longevity. These nail sculpting solutions, along with coloured UV gels, are without a shadow of a doubt the ideal choice for a solid and long-lasting treatment, guaranteeing a robust finish even for long nails.

Check out Passione Beauty’s online catalogue and try out our nail sculpting products. From builder gels to bases and high-quality acrylic nail products there’s something that meets all professional manicure needs safely and reliably.