Nail Art products for nail decoration

Passione Beauty’s selection of nail art products includes a huge range of nail art glitter, gems and pigment powders as well as transfer foils, nail jewellery and gel nail paints. It’s everything you need to leash your creativity and create incredible nail art.

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Nail art products: full kits, gels, nail art glitter, nail decoration and pigment powders

To help you create amazing high-quality nail creations, Passione Beauty has created a series of professional nail art products.

For example, nail art gels have an elastic and sleek texture that make them really easy to apply, even when applied on top of nail sculpting products. The stretchy texture and rubbery strands mean the design keeps its shape even during treatment.

We offer foil gel and neon gel versions in a number of on-trend colours. Our nail art gels are also perfect for small designs with precise details. You can also mix the colours to create original combinations.

If you’re looking for a metallic-effect nail art design, our nail pigment powders are professional nail art products that allow for a quick, crisp and efficient application.
Their unique composition allows you to create a thin and very glossy coat. Passione Beauty offers a selection of on-trend colours like pink, mauve, fuchsia, lilac, emerald and many more.

Don’t miss out on our full kits of nail art products. Nail art glitter mixes are available in different glitter, sequin and colour combinations.
Our glow nail art glitter collections are a professional and on-trend solution. Our kits include bright coloured nail art glitters than can be applied as a sugar effect or encapsulated to give your nails a fresh style that sparkles in the sun and then completely changes in the dark thanks to the prismatic decorations.

Passione Beauty has a series of other nail art products that will help your nails and hands stay looking great and right on trend.

If you’re looking for professional nail art products, check out Passione Beauty’s online catalogue and see our best deals!