Nail Art products for nail decoration

Passione Beauty's selection of nail decoration products offers a large assortment of glitters, rhinestones and pigment powders, but also transfer foil, nail bijoux and micro-painting gels: everything you need to unleash your creativity and create amazing nail art.

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Nail art products: complete kits, gels, glitters, nail decorations and pigments

Passione Beauty has designed a range of professional nail art products to help you to create high quality nail art decorations.

Nail decoration gels have an elastic, stringy composition that makes modelling extremely easy even after a nail sculpting treatment, with rubbery filaments capable of retaining their shape during processing.

Available in foil gel, fluo and a range of trendy and fashionable colours, our nail decoration gels are also perfect for micro-painting and refined decorations. They can be mixed for an always unique combination of colours.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for nail decorations with a metallic and chrome effect, our nail pigments powders are professional nail art products that allow fast, defined and opaque application.
The special composition guarantees the creation of a thin, super glossy layer, and Passione Beauty offers a selection of fashionable colours such as pink/mauve/fuchsia, lilac, emerald and many more.

Glitter mixes are available with different combinations of glitter, sequins, and colours, they are the essential among nail art kits .
In particular, the glow glitter collections represent a professional and fashionable solution. The kits, in fact, include bright coloured glitters that can be applied as a sugar effect as well as encapsulated, giving one's nails a fresh and bright style and then completely change their appearance in the dark thanks to the opalescent decorations.

Finally, Passione Beauty offers a range of other professional nail art products that, together with hand and body cosmetics, will allow you to maximise the beauty of your nails and hands.

If you are looking for professional nail art products, browse Passione Beauty's online catalogue and discover the best offers!