Rose Pearl Pigment

Rose pearl pigment powder
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Product description

Rose pearl effect nail pigment

Rose Pearl Pigment is a nail powder that allows you to create a beautiful pearl effect with pink highlights.
Very fine and impalpable, it is easy to pick up and apply. The result will be stunning! Blue Pearl Pigment will enhance any base colour on which it is applied.

For professional use

Technical specifications
0.2g pot
How to use the product

1. Apply the chosen colour and cure. 2. Apply one coat of Ultra Gloss and cure. Alternatively, a self-sealing gel polish or gel colour can be applied, curing with the same timing as for top coats. 3. Take a small amount of pigment using Silicone Brush 4. Cover the entire surface using vertical and circular movements until smooth and even. 5. Remove any excess powder with Fan Brush, then seal with a topcoat. For maximum durability, it is recommended to first seal with a clear builder gel or HD base, then apply the chosen topcoat.


Perfectly seal both the entire nail surface and the free edge.
Curing time under UV/LED lamp
Ultra Gloss: 35 seconds
Self-Sealing Gel Polish: 35 seconds
Fast Gel Color: 35 seconds
If you wish to cure under UV lamp, double the time indicated for UV/LED lamp

Keep out of the reach of children. Do not ingest or inhale. Do not apply on the natural nail or skin.

Made in: China

Passione Nails is a registered trademark




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