UV gels colours: Professional nail gel colours

Passione Beauty’s coloured UV gels are colours to use with nail sculpting using builder gel, acrygel or acrylic.

A full range of UV gel colours and finishes including exclusive colour lines. All formulas are easy to apply and long-lasting.

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The best UV gel colours

Passione Beauty’s coloured UV gels are to be used with builder gel, acrygel and acrylic nail sculpting.

One of the main strengths of our range is the wide choice of UV gel colours and finishes. Our UV gel nail colours are available in shiny, matt, glitter and flake options in the most on-trend colours on the market from pink and red tones all the way up to glitter gels.

In our catalogue, you can also find gel colour collections. These are kits with unmissable shades that will allow you to express different styles and moods. From on-trend UV gel colours to wilder tones, and from those perfect for a seaside trip to those for a fancy night out, there’s something for everything.

Our coloured UV gels are quick and easy to apply, giving you even coats in just a few strokes. Thanks to the medium thickness of the gel and its self-levelling properties, you don’t have to worry about annoying clumping.

The curing times are also super speedy. Just 120 seconds for traditional UV lamps and 30 seconds for UV/LED lamps.

To meet the requirements of those looking for professional nail results, Passione Beauty also offers a series of accessories for UV gels, for example, base and top coats and mixing spatulas.

Discover all our deals in our online store and find the UV gel colours that suit you best. Passione beauty offers high-quality products that can satisfy all tastes for a highly professional end result that elevates your manicure.