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In this section you will find Spider Gels, a fun, versatile and durable nail decorating product. It is a thick, gummy gel that allows you to create perfectly straight lines for your nail decorations. The finish is very similar to a spider web design. It is very easy to use as you don't need any special holders or brushes, just take a small amount and apply it to the top of the nail with gel polish, UV gel, builder gel, acrygel or acrylic. To create great designs, move the gel from one side of the nail to the other depending on the design and the effect you want to achieved, cure under UV/LED lamp for 30 seconds and remove the sticky layer.

Passione Beauty offers different colours of Spider Gel with which you can have fun creating a wide variety of decorations with different styles.

Discover our Nail Art Gels and be surprised by the simplicity with which you can achieve trendy effects!