Babyboomer Painting Kit – Limited Edition

Complete kit for Babyboomer effect - White
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Product description

Complete kit for the Babyboomer effect - White

Babyboomer Painting Kit is a limited edition set containing all the products needed to achieve the babyboomer effect.

The kit contains:

Gelnius Natural 15ml

GeLnius Natural is a pink beige builder in a bottle with applicator brush and is remover soluble.
The product is as strong as a builder gel and can be removed like any soft gel. It can be used to create gel structure, nail lengthening and ultra-fast refills.
The application of GeLnius is clean, fast and smudge-free thanks to the applicator brush. It simplifies and speeds up refill. In addition, its dense, self-levelling, non-dripping formula makes it perfect for strong, very natural-looking structures and extensions. It is easily removable with soak-off method or with a file/nail drill

Colour: Light Pink Beige
Opacity: 3/5
Viscosity: medium-low
Density: 1/5
Elasticity: 5/5
Heat under lamp: 2/5

Application and durability

The self-levelling, medium-viscosity texture allows quick and easy application. Non-dripping. Ideal for infills. 

The practical applicator brush with rounded tip, contained in the bottle, facilitates application, which is quick, clean and smudge-free.

Long-lasting formula, flawless result for up to 4 weeks.


Babyboomer Painting Gel – 5ml

Babyboomer Painting Gel is an innovative formula designed to achieve a perfect babyboomer effect in just a few simple steps.

Ideal for those who want to speed up their work while maintaining an impeccable result or for those who have always found it difficult to achieve this effect. With Babyboomer Painting Gel you get the perfect combo for all professionals: speed + ease!

The intense pigmentation creates a perfect babyboomer effect from the very first application without the need for further applications.

Tips from Passion Beauty's Nail Masters

Babyboomer Painting Gel can also be used to create freehand decorations. The formula is non-dripping and allows the creation of defined, smudge-free lines. Thanks to its high viscosity, the decorations will appear in slight relief for a 3D effect.

Application and durability

The high-density texture allows easy and perfectly smooth application for an ultra-fine Babyboomer effect.

Use the Glam Decorating Brush to pick up and blend the colour. Thanks to the soft sponge ends, the effect is quick and easy to achieve.

Long-lasting formula, flawless result up to 4 weeks. No yellowing.


Glam Decoration Brush

Glam Decoration is a professional nail art brush, which is useful to create the ombre effect by blending evenly between different colour shades.
It is provided of two different sponge tips, which make it possible to blend gel polish colours and gel colours together, and to realise effects such as babyboomer on the surface.
It has an ultra-light handle, very easy to use, embellished with black crystals.

The Glam professional line of nail brushes is characterised by a very sophisticated design, featuring rose gold details that recall the outer packaging.

Cleaning and care

To clean the tool, we recommend dabbing the sponge on a pad soaked in a brush cleaner.
The tips are replaceable. There are 4 spare parts in the pack.


Technical specifications
- Gelnius Natural 15ml
- Babyboomer Painting Gel 5ml
- Glam Decoration Brush Diameter: 1,5 cm and Length: 12 cm
- For professional use only

How to use the product

How to Use the Babyboomer Painting Kit

1. Prepare the natural nail.

2. Apply a slip layer of Gelnius Natural and proceed by building the apex. Cure for 30 seconds under UV/LED lamp.

3. Pick up the colour using the Glam Decorating Brush and transfer to a Palette, tapping off the brush to remove any excess of colour.

4. Dab the Glam Decoration Brush onto the nail to create the desired fade effect.

5. Cure for 30 seconds.

6. Repeat step number 4 as many times to accentuate the intensity of the shade as desired (cure for 30 seconds between each application).

7. Seal with a top coat and cure.

Gelnius Natural 15ml - MADE IN USA
Babyboomer Painting Gel – 5ml - MADE IN GERMANY
Glam Decoration Brush - MADE IN CHINA

Made in: United States

Regular Price £30.13 -12% Special Price £26.50



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