1-Phase and 3-Phase Builder Gels

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Before choosing which builder gel to use, it is important to carefully evaluate several factors, which will allow you to make more durable, flawless extensions.

There are gels with different characteristics, so it is essential to take into account the type of nails you are going to work on, the conditions to which the hands will be exposed on a daily basis after the extension and finally the type of result you wish to obtain. The evaluation of these aspects will guarantee excellent results.

Passione Beauty offers high quality three-phase and single-phase builder gels. The three-phase ones foresee the use of a base gel and a finish gel to carry out the extension, while the single-phase ones combine the three application steps of a single product that works as a base gel, finish gel and builder gel.

For each type of gel (single-phase and three-phase), you can choose self-levelling builder gels like Palladium, dense ones like Omega or elastic ones like Maximum. You can also choose any builder gel from our Master collection which release very low heat when curing. We do offer optimal builder gels for pinching like Natural Builder, for creating long extensions like Pinky Builder or ideal for refills like Palladium Extra.

Finally, you can try Monoff and Gelnius. These builder gels can be removed with the Soak Off method.

Be surprised by our builder gels!