Pink Painting Gel

Pink UV Painting Gel

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Product description

Nail art gel, colour Pink

Pink Painting Gel is a highly pigmented white UV Painting Gel.

Used for stamping and micro-painting

This high-performance formula gives Pink Painting Gel a very dense consistency with medium-high viscosity and a very high level of pigmentation.

It is therefore perfect to create decorations with the stamping technique, one stroke, or by hand: the product does not run and it's easy to work with and allows defined, smudge-free lines.

The gel can also be used to colour the entire nail surface.

No-wipe formula

The product does not produce a sticky layer. This help to create different and also overlapping nail designs with ease. It needs sealing.

Easy to apply and work with

Pink Painting Gel is easy to apply and work with: it has a narrow nozzle that allows only the necessary amount of product to be taken out, avoiding any waste. Its formula also makes it possible to apply thin, smooth coats with a precise and long-lasting result - up to 4 weeks.

Technical specifications
5 ml tube
How to use the product

UV Painting Gel can be used on all Builder Gel and Acrilgel extensions, on all bases including rubber bases and fiber bases.

Babyboomer and full nail decorations:

1- Pick up the colour using Nail Art Sponge Tool, tapping on the tip of the nail to create the desired shade.

2- Cures for 30 seconds.

3- Repeat step number 1 several times to accentuate the desired intensity of the shade (cure 30 seconds, between each stroke).

4- Pass a pad soaked in Cleaner over the nail and prepare to seal.

5- Seal with an HD base coat.

6- Seal again with Master Gloss.

Nail art stamping and by hand:

Carry out the decoration directly on the cured colour, without removing the sticky layer.

Curing times:

UV/LED lamp: 60 seconds



Made in: United States

Passione Nails is a registered trademark




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