PlastiWHITE gel for nail art

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Product description

White Plasticine Gel for Nail Art

PlastiWhite is a white plasticine gel for nail decoration. The dense consistency makes it similar to soft modelling paste, ideal for creating relief decorations and three-dimensional effect nail art. Simple to pick up, it is very easy to work with and guarantees a perfect result, even in combination with glitter, rhinestones and other colours.

Does not release any inhibition layer.

Technical specifications
Contains 5 ml
How to use the product

1. Apply your chosen colour with the help of a brush such as Trendy Color Brush, cure, then seal with a finish;
2.Pick up the plasticine gel using a small spatula, a Trendy Double Spot or an Orangewood Stick;
3.Create the desired shape by working the product with your fingers and place it on the nail;
4.Proceed modelling the decoration with the help of the Silicone Brush or a Cat Tongue Brush taking care to moisten the tip of the bristles with Cleaner;
5. Finish by curing under UV or UV/LED lamp.

Curing times:

UV/Led lamp: 60 seconds
UV lamp: 180 seconds

Made in: Germany

Passione Nails is a registered trademark




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