Master Gloss 15 ml

Clear no-wipe top coat
Hema Free
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Product description

Clear, extra glossy gel polish finish

Master Gloss 15 ml is a clear soak-off gloss with an extra glossy finish, which can be used on both gel polish reinforcements and builder gel, acrylic and AcrilGel reconstructions.

No-wipe formula with UV filter

Master Gloss 15 ml does not produce an inhibition layer: it therefore guarantees super fast working when used as a finish, but can also be used to apply powders and pigments.It also contains a special formula enriched with a powerful UV filter that protects the colour and guarantees flawless processing for up to 4 weeks.

Easy to apply and remove

Application is easy and allows very smooth and even application, thanks to the low viscosity, non-dripping, self-levelling formula.
Application is also facilitated by the handy brush with rounded bristles, which allows great precision even near the cuticular area.
The opaque black bottle, on the other hand, protects the product from UV rays, which could alter it.

Master Gloss 15 ml is easily removable, either by using a file, nail drill or with the soak off method; if you wish to remove with the latter method, we recommend using only soluble products from our gel polish line.


Colour: clear
Ease of application: 5/5
Viscosity: 1/5
Acid Free: yes

Technical specifications
15ml bottle
Rounded tip brush
How to use the product

1. Apply a thin layer of Gloss evenly. If the colour or base on which the finish is to be applied has a lot of tachy layer, it is best to remove the inhibition layer with Cleaner and then buff the nail surface.

2. Cure under a UV or UV/LED lamp.

Curing time:

Under UV/LED lamp: 30 seconds
Under UV lamp: 120 seconds


- For the application of powders and pigments, we recommend curing the finish for 15 sec under a UV/LED lamp for optimum performance.

- Do not apply cuticle oil to the polish immediately after curing.

- For a more glossy effect prolong the curing time up to 60 seconds under UV/LED lamp and 180 under UV lamp.

- For flawless application, we recommend applying and curing the finish one nail at a time.

- The Gloss can be used on builder gel and acrylgel reconstructions, on all HD, HD Fiber bases and specific gel polish bases, on all gel polishes and gel colours.

Removal by soak off method:

1. Buff the nail surface with a file or buffer.

2. Pour Remover HD on a pad and place it on the nail; fix it with our Removal Caps and wait a few minutes.

3. Now remove the residue with a Pusher or a tool such as Orange Chopsticks.

Made in: United States

Passione Nails is a registered trademark

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