Crystal Tips 50 pcs

Nail tips for decorative nail extentions
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Product description

Nail tips for decorative nail extentions

Crystal Tips are transparent nail tips, suitable for decorative nail sculpting. Each tip has a surface pattern distinguished by small relief shapes that give the extension a special "sculptural" effect. They can be used to create an incredible relief under glass effect. Crystal Tips are used in combination with builder gels like the classic nail tips.
Crystal Tips are presented in a practical box that contains 50 pieces. These nail tips are available in 10 different sizes and perfectly fit on all types of nail.

For professional use only

Technical specifications
Contains 10 different sizes, from 0 to 9. Each box contains 50 pieces.
Colour: clear
How to use the product

1. Prepare the natural nail
2. Apply Nail Prep, Primer, Binder and base coat
3. Opacify the nail surface with a 180 grit file
4. Select the size that best fits the natural nail and cut the base of the tip in order for it to fit under the free edge of the nail
5. Apply Extrema Base or Alpha and cure under UV/LED lamp for 30 seconds
6. Place the Crystal Tip under the nail as if it was a nail form
7. Apply a clear builder gel such as Olympia 2 to create the slip layer
8. Without removing the sticky layer, apply a second layer of builder gel to create the extension
9. Cure under UV/LED lamp for 30 seconds while holding the nail tip, then cure for other 60 seconds
10. Remove the Crystal Tip and continue building the apex.
11. Cure and shape the nail and apply the chosen colour

Made in: China

Passione Nails is a registered trademark

Regular Price £9.99 -30% Special Price £6.99



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