Square Tips - 120 pcs

Clear Square Tips for nail extensions - 120 pieces


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Product description

120 Clear Square Tips for nail extensions

Nail tips are indicated for nail extensions using builder gel, acrygel and acrylic.

Preformed in ABS, durable and long-lasting, they allow perfect results in half the time.

They are applied using Nail Tips Glue, which guarantees an accurate and long-lasting result.

They have a beautiful square shape with C-curve. Their clear shade allows a more precise application and a more accurate result.
Thanks to their length, it is possible to achieve extreme nail extensions.

These nail tips come in a handy 120-pieces box with a number grid and are available in 12 different sizes; they fit perfectly on every nail type.


Technical specifications
Contains 12 measures numbered 0 to 11.
0: 13 x 38,5 mm
1: 11 x 37,5 mm
2: 10 x 37 mm
3: 10 x 36,5 mm
4: 9 x 36 mm
5: 9 x 35,5 mm
6: 8,5 x 35 mm
7: 8,5 x 34,5 mm
8: 8 x 34 mm
9: 7,5 x 33,5 mm
10: 7 x 33,5 mm
11: 6,5 x 33,5 mm

- Pack of 120 pieces
- Colour: clear
- Material: ABS plastic
- For professional use only

How to use the product
  1. Start the preparation phase by pushing and removing the cuticles.
  2. Matte the nail plate with a 180-grit file, then shorten and shape the free edge of the nail.
  3. Now carefully choose the size that best matches the nail. The tip must fit perfectly to the nail bed. In case it is too wide or if you want to change its shape you can file it as desired. You can also use the file to reduce the edge that comes into contact with the natural nail if it's too thick.
  4. Pour glue on the inner lower part of the tip that will then be in contact with the nail surface.
  5. Then apply the tip starting from the free edge of the nail; apply pressure for approx. 10 seconds, then use the Pinching Tool to ensure that the sides also adhere well.
    When carrying out these steps, it is very important that no bubbles are created!
  6. Remove any excess glue with a pad, then shorten the tip as desired with the help of our Tip-Cutter.
  7. Finish the sides and shape using a 180 grit file. 
  8. Proceed with buffing the entire surface of the tip.
  9. Then remove dust and residues with a brush, prepare the natural nail with the prep liquids and apply the desired base and builder.

Made in: China




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