Easter Day – Stamping Plate

Stamping plate with Easter theme

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Product description

Nail stamping plate, Easter Day

Easter Day is a nail art stamping plate depicting spring flowers, dancing butterflies, cute bunnies and eggs with enchanting details that capture the festive spirit of Easter.

For those who want to add a touch of sweetness and joy to their manicure, this nail stamping plate is the perfect accessory! Lots of detail and texture designs celebrating the Easter atmosphere can be created in a few simple steps. Ideal for those who want to speed up their work while maintaining a very high quality decoration.

We recommend using the acetone-free solvent Stamping Plate Cleaner in combination with the special sponge Stamping Pads to clean the plate.

Exclusive Passione Beauty design.

Technical specifications
Materials: stainless steel

For professional use only
How to use the product

1. Apply a coat of colour (gel polish or gel colour), cure and do not remove the sticky layer
- If the colour has released much sticky layer, remove it with Cleaner;
- The base colour can also be matt and buffered.
2. Select the design on the stamping plate and apply a small amount of your favourite Painting Gel over the engraving
3. Allow the colour to penetrate and remove the excess with a scraper, positioning it at 45° to the plate
4. Collect the design with a Stamper, making a firm, steady movement from left to right
5. Transfer the design onto the surface of the nail with the same movement
6. Seal with your favourite top coat
Tips: Before transferring the design onto the nail surface, place the Stamper in the nail lamp for two seconds to fix the design.
Note: when using for the first time, remove the film from the plate.

Made in: China




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