Stamping Set - Limited Edition

Complete kit for nail designs with stamping plates

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Product description

Complete kit for nail designs with stamping plates

Stamping set is a complete limited etidion kit containing all the products you need to create nail art with Stamping Plates.

Purchase our exclusive Stamping Set today and receive a stunning Stamping Plate as a FREE gift.

The kit contains:

White Painting Gel 5ml and Black Painting Gel 5ml

White Painting Gel and Black Painting Gel are highly pigmented black and white nail art gels. 

Stamping and micropainting

A new high-performance formula gives the Painting Gels a very dense consistency with medium-high viscosity and a very high level of pigmentation. They are therefore perfect for making decorations with the stamping technique, one stroke, or freehand: the product does not drip and allows for defined, smudge-free lines.
They do not produce a sticky layer and multiple designs, even overlapping ones, are easily realised with the stamping plates.
It needs to be sealed with a top coat.

Application and durability

Painting Gels are easy to apply and work with: they have a narrow nozzle that allows only the necessary amount of product to be taken out, avoiding any waste. Their formula also makes it possible to apply thin, smooth coats with a precise and long-lasting result - up to 4 weeks.

Stamping Plate Cleaner 150ml

Stamping Plate Cleaner is a solvent to clean nail stamping plates, to be used in combination with Stamping Pads. It contains a special acetone-free formula specifically designed to allow the plate to be cleaned thoroughly, effectively but gently, without dulling the surface.
For professional use only.

Cleaning and maintenance 

Spray onto the surface to be cleaned and rub gently with the special Stamping Pads.

Stamper Cleaning Roll

Stamper Cleaning Roll is a special adhesive paper roller, specially designed for cleaning silicone Stampers.
Simply place the silicone part on the adhesive paper to completely remove all traces of colour.

It is resealable and small in size.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Gently lay the Stamper on the adhesive paper to remove colour residues.
After use, remove the used adhesive paper.

Stamper and Scraper

Stamper and Scraper is a set consisting of two tools that are used for nail stamping.

The Stamper consists of a handle and a silicone head that acts as a stamp. It is used to take the designs from the engravings of the stamping plates and then transfer them onto the nail surface. 
The handle is clear, making it easier to see where to place the design.

The Scraper is a thin, strong but flexible tool useful to get the colour into the engraved motifs on the stamping plates. It is also used to remove excess of colour.

Cleaning and maintenance 

To clean the Stamper you can use the Stamper Cleaning Roll, and complete it with the Stamping Plate Cleaner.

Stamping Pads - 20pcs

Stamping Pads are disposable sponges designed to clean stamping plates, to be used in combination with Stamping Plate Cleaner.
They are made of spongy and absorbent material, so they do not release lint or residue, scratch or dull the surface.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Used with Stamping Plate Cleaner solvent, they remove all colour residue from the plates, even inside the engravings.


All components of the kit are elegantly packaged in a practical pouch with a handle for easy carrying and to keep everything tidy.



Technical specifications
- White Painting Gel 5ml
- Black Painting Gel 5ml
- Stamping Plate Cleaner 150ml
- Stamper Cleaning Roll - removable adhesive paper
- Stamper and Scraper. Silicone Stamper Diameter: 4cm
- Stamping Pads - 20 sponges
- For professional use only

How to use the product

How to Use the Stamping Set

Application as decoration:

1. Apply a coloured base (either gel polish or gel colour), cure and do not remove the inhibition layer.
- If the colour has produced a lot of inhibition, remove it with Cleaner.
- The base colour can also be matt and buffed.

2. Choose the desired design from the stamping plate and apply a strip of UV Painting Gel to the incision.

3. Allow the product to penetrate and remove the excess using the Scraper, positioning it 45° to the plate.

4. Pick up the design with the Stamper, with a firm movement from left to right.

5. With the same movement transfer the design onto the nail surface.

6. Cure the newly created design (60 seconds in a UV/LED lamp).

7. Seal with gloss.

Stamping Plate Cleaning: Spray the surface to be cleaned with Stamping Plate Cleaner and gently wipe with the appropriate Stamping Pads.
Cleaning Stamper & Scraper: Gently place the Stamper on the adhesive paper of the Stamper Cleaning Roll to remove colour residues.

White Painting Gel, Black Painting Gel - MADE IN USA
Stamping Plate Cleaner 150ml - MADE IN GERMANY
Stamper Cleaning Roll, Stamper and Scraper, Stamping Pads, Gift Plate - MADE IN CHINA


Made in: China

Regular Price £54.84 -11% Special Price £48.90



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