Gold Chrome Leaf

Thin metallic gold leaf

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Product description

Very thin gold leaf, for nail decoration

Gold Chrome Leaf is a fine and delicate gold leaf for nail decoration with a chrome-metallic effect.

The leaf is very thin, light and does not create thickness: it can be used for partial coverage or in flakes, fragmented with the help of a silicone brush.

Very bright and shiny, it is perfect for illuminating every colour with precious highlights.

Gold Chrome Leaf is easy to apply and very versatile: you can create jewel nail art, gold leaf effect nail art but also beautiful flip side nail art.

For professional use only

How to use the product

1. Surface decoration:

- After applying and curing the chosen colour, apply a finish or a thin layer of builder gel, do not cure.
- Pick the leaf with the precision tweezers and, if desired, create small fragments with the help of the silicone brush or scissors.
- Apply the decoration and cure.
- Seal with a finish or clear builder and cure again.
- Alternatively, you can apply the decoration directly onto the colour sticky layer and then seal.

2. Structural French:

- After creating the wall, apply the leaf on the free edge of the nail.
- Once the French has been completed, finish the structure with a clear builder, filling the empty space created between the wall and the extension.

3. Encapsulated:

- Make an extension and, without curing, apply the leaf, then cure.
- Build the apex using a clear builder.
- Seal with finish and cure

Made in: China

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