Love You - Stamping Plate

Stamping plate with Valentine's Day theme

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Product description

Nail stamping plate, Valentine's Day

Love You is a stamping plate created by our designers. It will allow you to create flawless decorations very quickly.

The engravings represent romantic Valentine's Day-themed decorations: hearts, little animals in love and textures with little hearts.

The plate is made of steel and is fully washable. 

For cleaning, we recommend the use of our Stamping Pads.

Technical specifications
Materials: stainless steel

How to use the product

1. Apply a coat of colour (gel polish or gel colour), cure and do not remove the sticky layer
- If the colour has released much sticky layer, remove it with Cleaner;
- The base colour can also be matt and buffered.
2. Select the design on the stamping plate and apply a small amount of your favourite Painting Gel over the engraving
3. Allow the colour to penetrate and remove the excess with a scraper, positioning it at 45° to the plate
4. Collect the design with a Stamper, making a firm, steady movement from left to right
5. Transfer the design onto the surface of the nail with the same movement
6. Seal with your favourite top coat
Tips: Before transferring the design onto the nail surface, place the Stamper in the nail lamp for two seconds to fix the design.
Note: when using for the first time, remove the film from the plate.

Made in: China

Passione Nails is a registered trademark




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