Regular Dual Forms - 120 pcs

Regular tips for sculpting with Dual Form System

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Product description

Dual Forms, regular shape

Regular Dual Forms - 120 pcs are used for flawless, natural-looking AcrilGel nail extensions.

Regular shape with guidelines

These tips are characterised by their regular shape with C-curve, clear and with guiding lines to help during the reconstruction.

It is possible to create square-shaped nails, or oval-shaped nails.

Resistant and flexible

They are very strong and slightly flexible, qualities that allow the cured product to come off the tip easily.

In 12 sizes

The reusable tips are available in 12 different sizes, so that the right size is always available to meet every customer's needs. They are contained in a box with a grid for size consultation.

For Acrilgel and thixotropic builder gels

The Dual Form System, in combination with Acrilgel Solution, Acrilgel Brush 1 and AcrilGel Brush-Spatula, enables flawless nail extensions with reduced working time, thanks to the possibility of modelling the product directly into the tips and easy removal after curing.

This system can also be used for reconstructions with thixotropic builder gels.

For professional use only

Technical specifications
Measures: from 0 to 11
0: 3,7 x 1,3 cm
1: 3,7 x 1,3 cm
2: 3,7 x 1,2 cm
3: 3,7 x 1,1 cm
4: 3,7 x 1 cm
5: 3,7 x 0,95 cm
6: 3,7 x 0,9 cm
7: 3,7 x 0,9 cm
8: 3,7 x 0,85 cm
9: 3,7 x 0,8 cm
10: 3,7 x 0,7 cm
11: 3,7 x 0,65 cm

Content 120 pcs
How to use the product
  1. Prepare natural nail
  2. Apply Nail Prep, Binder and a Base
  3. Choose the right size of Almond Dual Form
  4. Brush on the Acrilgel and model with Acrilgel Brush 1 and Acrilgel Solution
  5. Place the tip on the nail surface with light pressure and wipe off any excess near the cuticle area
  6. To secure the position of the Dual Form cure for 5 seconds under UV/Led lamp;
  7. Turn the hand upside down and distribute the product evenly (in the extension);
  8. Cure under UV/LED lamp following the product instructions
  9. Remove the tip and shape the nail with the file that best suits you and proceeds with the desired nail design.  If you prefer a more pronounced apex you can add product, define the structure and proceed with the next steps.

Keep away from heat sources. Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. Do not apply on damaged nails.

INCI - Elenco ingredienti

Made in: China

Passione Nails is a registered trademark




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