Gel colour F77 King

Self-sealing UV Gel Colour F77 King

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Product description

Burgundy brown Self-sealing UV Gel Colour

Gel Colour F77 King encompasses a blend of burgundy and dark brown nuances, an intense and bold shade.. Like all UV Gel Colours from our Fast line, it contains a special self-sealing, inhibition-free formula that speeds up working time; it is super-pigmented, rich in colour and guarantees perfect coverage with 2 coats.

Gel Colour F77 King is pigmented and rich in colour, and guarantees perfect coverage from the very first application. Due to its high pigmentation, it can be used to colour the entire nail or to create nail designs. The absence of the tacky layer also makes it ideal to create nail designs with pigments, glitters or nail art powders, without the intermediate use of a finish.

Smooth and even application

Application is easy, smooth and guarantees an even result thanks to the medium-high viscosity, non-dripping and self-levelling formula. It is possible to apply thin layers with no thickness.

Applied to builder gel, acrylic or AcrilGel structures, the colour will last up to 4 weeks without streaking or chipping.

Technical specifications
5ml pot
How to use the product

1. Prepare the surface of the natural nail and remove cuticles. Use Nail Prep and Primer – also use Binder to increase product adhesion on particularly difficult nails.

2. Evenly apply the base gel and builder

3. Shape the nail with the most suitable file

4. Apply the coloured gel

5. A top coat can be applied if desired

Curing time:

Under UV/LED lamp: 30 seconds if you wish not to apply any top coat; 5 seconds if you wish to apply a second coat or top coat.

Under UV lamp: 120 seconds if you wish not to apply any top coat; 60 seconds if you wish to apply a second coat or top coat.

Made in: United States

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