Micro Scissors - Staleks

Professional scissors for nail form, 15 mm

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Product description

Precision scissors for nail forms

Micro Scissors 15 mm Staleks are professional-quality precision scissors designed to cut out nail forms with a very clean and accurate cut.

Very narrow and sharp blades

The 15 mm, hand-sharpened blades are very narrow and pointed, thus allowing nail forms of any material to be cut and shaped with great precision.

Handle without rings

The handle is particularly comfortable and ergonomic: the curved, linear shape, without rings, allows an excellent grip on the tool, which remains comfortable throughout the work session.

Stainless steel

These scissors are made of stainless steel, a guarantee of robustness and durability. They can be sterilised in an autoclave and with Peracetic, following the correct timing.

Technical specifications
Designed for right-handed usage
Blade length: 15 mm
Total length: 9 cm
Material: AISI 420 stainless steel

Made in: Poland

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