Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf for nail art
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Product description

Gold Leaf for nail art

Gold Leaf are delicate gold nail art sheets with which you can create shone and bejewelled nail designs. The shees are super thin, light and shiny. They allow you to create points of light and decorations with incredible effects.

How to use the product

1. Surface decoration:

- After applying and curing the chosen colour, apply a finish or a thin layer of builder gel, do not cure.
- Pick the leaf with the precision tweezers and, if desired, create small fragments with the help of the silicone brush or scissors.
- Apply the decoration and cure.
- Seal with a finish or clear builder and cure again.
- Alternatively, you can apply the decoration directly onto the colour sticky layer and then seal.

2. Structural French:

- After creating the wall, apply the leaf on the free edge of the nail.
- Once the French has been completed, finish the structure with a clear builder, filling the empty space created between the wall and the extension.

3. Encapsulated:

- Make an extension and, without curing, apply the leaf, then cure.
- Build the apex using a clear builder.
- Seal with finish and cure

Made in: China

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