EXPERT Nail Drill Bit - Diamant flame medium

Diamond drill bit for dry manicure - Expert Level

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Product description

Diamond flame shape cuticle drill bit perfect for cuticle area. Expert level. Medium Abrasion.

Diamant flame medium is a diamond drill bit for the cuticle area, which thanks to its flame shape, its high quality and the perfect uniformity of the diamond grit, allows the cuticles and nail folds to be outlined and smoothed. In addition, thanks to the rounded, non-sharp tip, it allows safe working without the risk of hurting the client.

Ideal for performing accurate dry manicures or for preparing the natural nail before nail enhancements.

Its double durability guarantees perfect work for a long time.

Medium abrasion: the tip has a blue band and a medium degree of abrasion, suitable for complicated and difficult to remove cuticles.




Technical specifications
- Diameter of the head: 1.8 mm
- Length of head: 8 mm
- Diameter of the shank: 2.4 mm
- Length of the shank: 40 mm
- Material: synthetic diamond
- Shank material: stainless steel. No oxidation.
- For professional use

How to use the product

For best results, it is advisable to use the bit from 10,000 rpm up to a maximum of 15,000 rpm.
Works in only one direction of rotation. Not suitable for left-handers.

Cleaning and disinfection
Can be disinfected by hot sterilisation, autoclave or with septaldehyde; if you wish to disinfect with peracetic acid, we recommend not exceeding the times and concentration levels stated on the product.
Oxidation phenomena following disinfection with peracetic will not affect the functionality of the bit.

Passione Beauty tips are compatible with all models of nail drills on our website; we do not guarantee that they are compatible with all other types of nail drills on the market.

Made in: Poland




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