Blooming Season Kit

Blooming Season Gel Polish Collection
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Product description

Nude pink gel polish collection

Blooming Season is a collection of gel polishes inspired by the nuances of spring bouquets. It encompasses a perfect harmony of different pink tones, declined in 5 wonderful colours with different effects and finishes.
The set includes the pink GP461 Azalea, the creamy pink GP462 Camellia, the semi-transparent glitter GP463 Dahlia, the metal pink GP464 Waterlily, and the metal gold-pink GP465 Daffodil.

Application and durability
Application is easy thanks to its easy-to-work texture and self-levelling, medium-high viscosity formula that does not drip. The rounded brush tip allows the colour to be applied precisely and without smudging, even near the cuticular area.

Every gel polish is enriched with a special formula that makes it super resistant: it will last for a long time, without peeling or chipping for up to 4 weeks.

For professional use

Technical specifications
With detachable label for display tip
5x10ml bottle
Reusable packaging
How to use the product

1. Prepare the surface of the natural nail and remove cuticles.

2. Use the preparatory liquids: start with Nail Prep and allow to air dry. When it has dried completely, proceed with Binder, an acid-free adhesion promoter. Again, wait a few seconds and allow it to air dry completely.

3. Evenly apply the gel polish base coat of your choice in slow and regular movements, then cure under lamp.

4. If necessary, remove the sticky layer of the base and correct any imperfections with the help of a file or buffer.

5. Now apply the colour

6. For a flawless result, apply the product in two thin, even layers over the entire surface, curing after each coat.

7. Finally, seal with a gel polish top coat to your liking, then cure again.

- Shake the bottle before use.
- Gel polish colours can be used on specific bases, builder gel or AcrilGel. If you wish to remove them with the Soak Off method, remember to use only soluble products.

How to remove product with the Soak Off method:
1. Matte the nail surface with a file or buffer.
2. Pour Remover onto a pad and place it on the nail; secure it with our Remover Clips and wait a few minutes.
3. Now remove product residue with a Pusher or a tool such as Orangewood Sticks.

Curing time:
Under UV/LED lamp: 30 seconds
Under UV lamp: 120/180 seconds

Made in: Germany

Passione Nails is a registered trademark

Regular Price £45.95 -46% Special Price £24.99



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