Extrema Base 15 ml

Extrema Base Gel 15ml
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Product description

15ml Base Gel for Nail Sculpting - high adhesion

Extrema Base 15ml is a UV base gel and can be used before any AcrilGel and Builder Gel, whether monophasic or triphasic. It is designed to ensure perfect adhesion of builder gel and polygel and to maximise structure hold. Extrema Base Gel is not suitable for gel polish work. Features: Base Gel with Methacrylic Acid Extreme adhesion Self-levelling formula Natural colouring For professional use

Technical specifications
15ml bottle
Rounded tip brush
How to use the product

1. Prepare the surface of the natural nail and remove cuticles
2. Dull the nail with Preparation File and remove excess dust with the dedicated brush
3. Dehydrate the nail surface with Nail Prep and allow to air dry. When it has dried completely, apply the adhesion promoter Primer and wait for it to air dry. For particularly difficult nails it is recommended to also apply our acid-free adhesion promoter Binder after applying Primer.
4. Apply a thin layer of Extrema base gel by "massaging" it in well with Trendy Base Brush, to allow it to penetrate the nail plate
5. Cure the product and DO NOT remove the sticky layer
6. Now apply the chosen Builder Gel or AcrilGel and proceed with the nail sculpting depending on the desired result.

Curing time:

Under UV/LED lamp: 30 seconds
Under UV lamp: 60 seconds

Made in: Germany

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