Rose Master Gloss 15 ml

Soak-off milky rose no-wipe top coat

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Product description

Rose Master Gloss 15 ml is a milky pink soak off top coat with an extra glossy finish that leaves an even surface for a flawless and sophisticated look. Ideal for toning the nails with a delicate milky pink effect and for covering any discolouration of the base. 

Rose Master Gloss guarantees super-fast application because once cured, it produces no inhibition layer.

Application and durability

Application is easy and allows very smooth and even application, thanks to the low viscosity, non-dripping self-levelling texture.

The brush with its rounded tip allows the colour to be applied precisely and without smudging, even near the cuticular area.

The formula guarantees a flawless result for up to 4 weeks.


Colour: milky pink gel polish top coat
Ease of application: 5/5
Viscosity: 1/5
Acid Free: yes

Technical specifications
- Opaque black bottle to protect the formula from UV rays, which could alter its quality.
- Formato da 15 ml
- For professional use only

How to use the product

1. Apply a thin layer of Gloss evenly. If the colour or base on which the finish is to be applied has a lot of tachy layer, it is best to remove the inhibition layer with Cleaner and then buff the nail surface.

2. Cure under a UV or UV/LED lamp.

Curing time:

Under UV/LED lamp: 60 seconds
Under UV lamp: 120 seconds


- In order to protect the gloss, it is recommended not to touch the nail immediately after curing
- Do not apply cuticle oil to the polish immediately after curing.
- For flawless application, we recommend applying and curing the finish one nail at a time.
- The Gloss can be used on builder gel and acrylgel reconstructions, on all HD, HD Fiber bases and specific gel polish bases, on all gel polishes and gel colours.
- The colour in the photo was applied on a tip colour Natural

Removal by soak off method:

1. Buff the nail surface with a file or buffer.
2. Pour Remover HD on a pad and place it on the nail; fix it with our Removal Caps and wait a few minutes.
3. Now remove the residue with a Pusher or a tool such as Orange Chopsticks.

Made in: Germany




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