Finish Cover Nude 15 ml

Finish Cover Nude

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Product description

Nude Gel Polish Top Coat

Finish Cover Nude is a soluble gel polish top coat coloured in a nude shade, illuminated by a light rose-gold pearl effect. Without the inhibition layer.

Several uses:

- After applying the base coat, apply a thin layer of Finish Cover Skin, cure for 5 seconds (under Futura Lamp), proceed by creating the french or by applying a coloured gel polish. Proceed with sealing also with Finish Cover if a coloured finish is desired.


- For a nude effect (natural nail), after the base coat, apply Finish Cover Nude and cure for 30 seconds under Futura lamp (120 seconds UV lamp).


Technical specifications
15 ml bottle

How to use the product

1 - After buffing the natural nail, apply Nail prep and Binder. Wait for them to dry completely.

2 - Apply a very thin layer of Base/Top, cure under UV/LED lamp for 30 seconds or UV lamp for 120/180 seconds

3 - Proceed with one of the application methods explained above.

Finish Cover Nude is a no-wipe finish, if several layers are applied, each layer must be cured in Futura lamp for only 5 seconds.



Made in: United States

Passione Nails is a registered trademark




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