Starter Set - AcrilGel

Complete Set for nail sculpting with Acrilgel

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Product description

Starter Set for nail sculpting with AcrilGel

Starter Set for AcrilGel is a complete kit containing everything you need for nail extensions with polygel from the first to the final steps.

In the set you will find everything you need during the different working stages: tools, preparators and AcrilGel, packed in the practical Pochette.

The kit contains:

New Manicure Set
Nail Prep 15 ml
Binder 10 ml - Acid Free Primer
HD Baby Pink Fiber Base 15 ml
AcrilGel 60 ml Clear
AcrilGel 50 ml Cipria
AcrilGel Solution 150 ml
Master Gloss 15 ml
Dual Form Regular - 120 pcs
AcrilGel Glam Brush
AcrilGel Glass
Futura Lamp

For professional use

How to use the product

1. Gently push the cuticles down with the orange stick.

2. Buff the surface of the natural nail with the Halfmoon File 100/180.

3. Remove all dust from the nail surface with the Nail Brush.

4. Apply the preparatory liquids to the entire nail surface in the following order: Nail Prep and Binder, and allow to air dry until the products are completely absorbed.

5. Apply a thin layer of HD Baby Pink Fiber Base and cure for 30 seconds.

6. Choose the appropriate Dual Form size.

7. Model AcrilGel Cipria or Acrilgel Clear on the Dual Form with the Acrilgel Glam Brush and Acrilgel Solution.

8. Place the Dual Form on the nail surface by pressing lightly and wipe off any excess product.

9. Cure for 60 seconds under the Futura lamp.

10. Remove the Dual Form and define the shape of the nail with the Halfmoon File 100/180 and the White Halfmoon Buffer.

11. Apply the desired colour.

12. Seal with Master Gloss.

Made in: China

Passione Nails is a registered trademark

Regular Price £155.00 -16% Special Price £129.99



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