Stainless Steel Cuticle Nippers 3mm

Stainless steel cuticle nippers for manicures

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Product description

Pro-line cuticle nippers, blade 3 mm


The Pro-Line Cuticle Nippers with 3 mm precision blades from Passione Beauty is a professional tool designed to remove cuticles accurately, with a clean and precise cut.
Practical and very handy, it has an ergonomic handle and is easy to use, even by left-handers.

Pro-Line Passione Beauty Nippers, made of stainless steel, is very strong and durable, and can be sterilised in an autoclave, with Peracetic disinfectant or with a UV system

In order to ensure a high level of efficiency over time, it is recommended that cleaning operations be carried out with attention to the following points:
- Thoroughly clean the instruments with running water to remove surface impurities.
- In order to avoid the risk of corrosion of stainless steel due to sterilisation, if sterilising powders or liquids are used, the dosage and soaking instructions indicated by the manufacturer must be strictly followed; steam sterilisation using an autoclave is recommended.
- Pay particular attention to the rinsing and drying phase: clean the instruments thoroughly with running water and proceed with drying, taking care to remove all residual water and moisture.

Note: residues of water, condensation and moisture must also be removed with particular care in hollow or jointed parts; otherwise, rust formations may occur which can corrode steel even in a short time.

For professional use


Technical specifications
Length: 12 cm
Material: stainless steel

Made in: Italy

Passione Nails is a registered trademark




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