Gelnius Natural-15ml

Builder gel in a bottle with applicator brush
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Product description

Soak-off builder in a bottle – Pink Beige

GeLnius Natural is a pink beige builder in a bottle with applicator brush and is remover soluble.
The product is as strong as a builder gel and can be removed like any soft gel. It can be used to create gel structure, nail lengthening and ultra-fast refills.
The application of GeLnius is clean, fast and smudge-free thanks to the applicator brush. It simplifies and speeds up refill. In addition, its dense, self-levelling, non-dripping formula makes it perfect for strong, very natural-looking structures and extensions. It is easily removable with soak-off method or with a file/nail drill

Colour: Light Pink Beige
Opacity: 3/5
Viscosity: medium-low
Density: 1/5
Elasticity: 5/5
Heat under lamp: 2/5

Technical specifications
15ml bottle
Rounded tip brush
How to use the product

1. Prepare the surface of the natural nail and remove cuticles, then apply Nail Prep and Binder
2. After placing the nail form, apply a thin layer of GeLnius Natural or HD Base or HD Fiber Base for perfect adhesion.
3. Now use GeLnius Natural to create the nail extension and build up the apex. Then cure and remove the sticky layer.
4. Shape the nail as desired and, if necessary, dull and proceed as preferred.

Curing time

Under UV/LED lamp: 30 seconds
Under UV lamp: 120 seconds

Made in: United States

Passione Nails is a registered trademark




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