Slow Liquid Monomer 250 ml

Slow Liquid Monomer 250 ml for acrylic

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Product description

Monomer for acrylic - Slow Liquid Monomer 250 ml

Slow Liquid Monomer is a liquid activator for acrylic powder with a slow curing time, which is used to make very strong and long-lasting nail structures.

It contains a special formulation that guarantees extreme hold and is therefore particularly suitable for difficult nails. It is enriched with a powerful blue filter and UV filter, which help to keep the colour stable over time.

Acrylic method: powder + monomer

With the acrylic method, nail sculptures are performed by combining an acrylic liquid (monomer) and an acrylic powder (polymer).

The combination of these two products generates a modelling substance that can be worked for about 25-30 seconds, depending on the amount of product used, the environment and body temperature. It hardens in the air after 3-4 minutes, creating a solid, resistant layer.

The mixture must be worked with firm but gentle movements, using the tip and side of a Kolinsky brush designed specifically for applying acrylic.

The high quality of PassioneBeauty products for the acrylic technique guarantees an excellent working life of up to 4 weeks.

Technical specifications
Contains: 250ml
How to use the product

Pour the liquid into the Dappen Dish

Dip the brush into the monomer and press it against the sides of the cup to drain the excess product.

Insert the tip of the brush into the acrylic powder and proceed with working as indicated in the application instructions for Acrylic Powders.


Product drying time may vary depending on ambient, body temperature and the amount of material used.
Product based on ethyl methacrylate, does not contain MMA.


do not inhale

Made in: United States

Passione Nails is a registered trademark




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