Raptor Nail Drill Bit - Hard

Raptor Nail Drill Bit - Hard
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Product description

Raptor Nail Drill Bit - Hard

- Designed to remove builder gels, finishes and acrylics
- New cone shape with flat tip not to ruin the cuticle area
- Excellent to define C-curve details
- Has 3 different abrasive intensities (gentle at the tip, medium in the middle, greater at the base), thanks to different sized incisions
- The straight, cone-shaped bit sculpts the structure evenly
- Works in both directions of rotation and is suitable for left-handers
- No heat is generated during use due to the absence of friction produced on the working surface
- It is made of tungsten carbide, which guarantees a long life

We recommend sterilising the bit using a hot process, autoclave or septaldehyde; if you wish to disinfect the Carbide Precision tip with peracetic, we suggest not exceeding the time and concentration levels stated on the product.

Technical specifications
Pin size: 2.4 mm
How to use the product
Cleaning and disinfection:
If you wish to disinfect with peracetic acid, we recommend that you do not exceed the times and concentrations indicated on the product.

Made in: China

Passione Nails is a registered trademark




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