Green Fluo Rhinestones

Green Fluo Strass for nail art
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Product description

Green Fluo Strass for nail art

Green Fluo Strass are small rhinestones for nail art in 6 different sizes, in a bright shocking green colour.   They are cheerful and luminous, perfect to create precious, shiny and refined nail decorations. They can be used on UV gel or gel polish sculpted nails.

They are perfect by themselves of in combitation with glitters, microballs or any kind of nail decoration. Application is really easy and with long lasting effects.

Technical specifications
Flat Base
Sizes: 4,6,8,10,16,20 (from 1,6 to 4,7 mm)
How to use the product

1. After applying the desired colour, seal with a finish;
2. Apply a small amount of Glue Gel using a fine brush or a dotter;
3. Place the rhinestone using the Applicator Pencil;
4. Cure for 60 seconds under UV/Led lamp or 120 seconds under UV lamp;
5. Seal with a finish just around the crystal using a fine brush.


Do not seal over the entire crystal to avoind losing all its shine. Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest or inhale. Do not apply on natural nail or skin.

Made in: China

Passione Nails is a registered trademark




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