Gold Flakes

Glitter in gold flakes for nail decoration
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Product description

Gold nail art glitter flakes

Gold Flakes contain small flakes in a precious golden colour. Extremely thin, impalpable and very bright, they are perfect for creating shiny Nail Art with a gold leaf effect. They give off their shimmer at their best when applied over dark shades.
Application is really easy! Use our products for long-lasting flawless decorations.

For professional use

Technical specifications
1g pot
How to use the product

1. Apply the desired gel polish or gel colour and cure
2. Apply a thin layer of builder gel or transparent top coat and do not cure. Apply the flakes with the help of a Nail Art brush. Alternatively, you can apply them directly onto the sticky layer released by the cured colour.
3. Finally cure and seal as desired.

Made in: China

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