Watercolour effect nail art

Create this seasonal nail art with a watercolour effect using Passione Beauty products.

Products used:

  • Soft Rose Builder
  • GP204 Imagine
  • GP461 Azalea 
  • GP139 Milk
  • GPF16 Poison Black
  • Gold Metal - Transfer Foil
  • Foil Gel
  • Ultra Gloss

How to achieve it:

  • Build the structure with Soft Rose Builder Gel and refine the shape with a file.
  • On the little finger, index finger and thumb, apply two thin coats of GP204 Imagine and cure for 30 seconds.
  • On the ring finger and middle finger, apply two thin coats of GP139 Milk and cure for 30 seconds.
  • Using GP204 Imagine softened with a a drop of finish, create watercolour-effect leaves and cure for 30 seconds.
  • Use GPF16 Poison Black to draw the stems and details of the leaves and cure for 60 seconds.
  • Apply Foil Gel where you would like to add golden details and cure for 60 seconds
  • Apply Gold Metal - Transfer Foil to the desired areas
  • Seal with Ultra Gloss and cure for 30 seconds


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