Babyboomer construction with Acrilgel

Use pink and white acrilgel from PassioneBeauty to create this Babyboomer construction.

Products used:

  • AcrilGel Milky Pink
  • AcrilGel Soft White
  • Rose Aqua Gloss

How to achieve it:

  • Create the extension with Acrilgel Soft White and apply a little more product on the free edge and blend it towards the centre of the nail to create the babyboomer effect, then cure for 60 seconds.
  • Next, create the apex with AcrilGel Milky Pink, finishing with an ombre effect between white and pink to create the famous babyboomer look, then cure for 60 seconds
  • Seal with Rose Aqua Gloss for a perfect finish, then cure for 60 seconds!




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