HD Violet Flakes Base

Lilac rubber base with flakes
Hema Free
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Product description

Lilac rubber base with flakes

HD Violet Flakes is a lilac rubber base embellished with light pink and violet flakes.
It strengthens the natural nail and evens out the nail surface, correcting any imperfections.
The colour is medium opaque with a milky effect.

Smoothes and corrects imperfections
HD Violet Flakes is a very elastic rubber base. It is particularly suitable to even out the surface of the natural nail and correct small imperfections.
The bright flakes in different sizes also make it suitable for creating nail looks with a slight three-dimensional effect.

High adhesion and durability
The product contains a special formula that guarantees a high level of adhesion and a long hold for up to 4 weeks. It also strengthens the natural nail and gives the manicure extra reinforcement.

Its full consistency and self-levelling formula allow the product to be applied easily and evenly. The brush with its rounded tip guarantees fast, precise and smudge-free application.

For professional use

Technical specifications
15ml bottle
Rounded tip brush
How to use the product

1. Prepare the surface of the natural nail and remove cuticles
2. Use the preparatory liquids: start with Nail Prep and allow to air dry. When it has dried completely, proceed with Binder, an acid-free adhesion promoter. Again, wait a few seconds and allow it to air dry completely.
3. Now apply the rubber base in a thin slip layer
4. Take a bead of product and build a small structure
5. Cure in lamp
6. For more coverage, apply an additional coat as if you were applying a simple nail polish
7. Cure again
8. Seal with the chosen top coat and cure one last time

Curing time:

Under UV/LED lamp: 30 seconds
Under UV lamp: 120 seconds

Made in: United States

Passione Nails is a registered trademark

Regular Price £12.99 -38% Special Price £7.99



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