Blooming Base 15 ml

Gel polish base coat for watercolour effect nail art

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Product description

Gel polish base coat for watercolour effect

Blooming Base is a gel polish base that allows you to create beautiful effects on your nails such as tie dye, watercolour and marble nail art.

It contains a special formulation that creates a slip layer to achieve the blooming effect, and can be used with any coloured gel polish.

Thanks to the fluid consistency, application is easy and guarantees a perfect result. The brush with a rounded tip, on the other hand, allows precise application even close to the cuticular area.

The opaque black bottle protects the product from UV rays, which could alter its quality.


Product for professional use only

Technical specifications
15 ml bottle

How to use the product

1. Apply a first layer of gel polish and cure.

2. Apply Blooming Base, but do not cure.

3. Take a small amount of a coloured gel polish and place it on the uncured base.

4. Wait a few seconds allowing the drop of colour to create the blended effect.

5. Cure, then finish by sealing.

Curing time:
Under UV/LED lamp: 30 seconds
Under UV lamp: 120 seconds


Made in: United States

Passione Nails is a registered trademark




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