Fleurs de Paris

Flowers for nail art in assorted colours
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Product description

Flowers for nail art in assorted colours

Fleurs de Rome are 12 different dried flowers for nail art in cheerful and bright colours. They are perfect for giving an original and colourful touch to french nails, encapsulated, or in combination with Glass Effect gel polish. They come in a convenient compartment box, where you can easily pick them with tweezers.

Technical specifications
Size: approx. 0.5-2 cm
Assorted colours
Note: size and shade of petals may vary slightly depending on flowering period.
How to use the product

1. Surface decoration:

- After applying and curing the chosen colour, apply a finish or a thin layer of builder gel, do not cure.
- Apply the decoration with the help of tweezers and cure.
- Seal with finish and cure.

2. Structural French:

- After creating the wall, apply the decoration on the free edge of the nail.
- Once the French has been completed, finish the structure with a clear builder, filling the empty space created between the wall and the extension.

3. Encapsulated:

- Make an extension and, without curing, apply the decoration, then cure.
- Build the apex using a clear builder.
- Seal with finish and cure

Made in: China

Passione Nails is a registered trademark

Regular Price £9.99 -40% Special Price £5.99



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