Acrylic Powder Clear

Acrylic Powder Clear 30 g for nail sculpting

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Product description

Fast setting acrylic powder, clear

Acrylic Powder Clear is an extra-fine acrylic powder with a fast curing speed, which is used in combination with a monomer to make very strong nail sculptures.

Completely clear, maintains colour stability over time

Acrylic Powder Clear cures naturally in air, without the need for a curing UV lamp, and is ideal for warmer climates as it does not develop any heat.

Acrylic method: powder + monomer

With the acrylic method, nail sculptures are performed by combining an acrylic liquid (monomer) and an acrylic powder (polymer).

The combination of these two products generates a modelling substance that can be worked for about 25-30 seconds, depending on the amount of product used, the environment and body temperature. It hardens in the air after 3-4 minutes, creating a solid, resistant layer.

The mixture must be worked with firm but gentle movements, using the tip and side of a Kolinsky brush designed specifically for applying acrylic.

Durable and long-lasting constructions

Acrylic construction allows natural nail coverings and structural extensions to be created without developing heat easy to create using Nail Form, Dual Form and DualTip.
It is also possible to create small extensions without Nail Form, a useful feature in the case of onychophagia.

Coloured acrylic nail powder can also be used to create 3D nail art.

The high quality of our acrylic nail art products guarantees an excellent processing time of up to 4 weeks.


Technical specifications
Contains 30 g

How to use the product

Prepare the natural nail for treatment etching it using the preparation file, push and remove the cuticles, perform a dry manicure if necessary.

Apply then the preparators: start with the Nail Prep and, when it is completely dry, move on to the Primer; wait a few moments for it to dry completely.

You can apply a thin layer of Extrema Base for more adhesion

Mix the powder to blend the pigments with a Mixing Spatula.

Dip the brush into the chosen monomer and press the brush against the sides of the dappen dish to release excess product.

Insert the tip of the brush into the powder (for 2-3 seconds) until a bead of powder is formed, which is neither too liquid nor too dry.

Place the bead in the centre of the nail and create the structure with the brush.

Let the mixture harden in the air (3-4 minutes on average)

File the structure with a 100/180 file until the desired shape is achieved, free of imperfections and gaps; alternatively, define the structure with Carbide Refill bit.

Do not buff the nail and proceed directly with the application of the gel colour or gel polish; alternatively, buff with a buffer and apply a thin base coat before applying the colour.

Then proceed with sealing using a finish such as Aqua Gloss.


To remove an acrylic nail structure we recommend using the Raptor Hard or Mini Raptor Hard bit.


We recommend neither gel refills on acrylic constructions nor acrylic refills on hard gel constructions.
Drying times may vary depending on ambient and body temperature and the amount of powder used.


Do not inhale


Made in: United States

Passione Nails is a registered trademark




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